Master Key system

    Master Key system

    A range of people have access to your establishment. Within this group, you don’t want everyone to have access to everything. Master key systems allow you to provide specified access to particular areas with certain keys. Legit Locksmith can create the keys you need to make it easier to provide access to designated individuals. A system like this is not only convenient but also more efficient in times of emergency.

    A master key system works like a hierarchy, different levels give access to different key holders. The grand master key can open every door within the building, the sub master key will be able to open all doors on a specific floor or areas and the subordinate key will only be able to open one door.

    All this makes monitoring the access to your building a lot easier, you now have the option to give managers specific access to certain parts 16 of the building and if your company is spread over several building you can use the same set of keys. Additionally you will not have to fund the making of a large amount of keys for all your staff.

    As previously mentioned this system’s biggest advantage is the flexibility and convenience it offers without compromising security. Legit Locksmith will take care of all the installation process for you whether you need us to replace or upgrade you current master key system for a competitive price. The price will depend on the size and type of door you have.


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