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    If you are looking for a key fob replacement service, your search has come to an end. Continuous use of a key naturally results in wear and tear, this is why regular inspections and replacements are required on a consistent basis. Losing your car key could be a reason to purchase a fob replacement. A key fob more commonly referred to as a ​fob ​ is a small security hardware device with built-in authentication. It’s purpose is easy identification by sight or feel and is usually part of an anti-theft mechanism. Simply put it’s a wireless remote which interacts with the electronic components of your car. A fob is generally kept with keys in a key chain but not necessarily. It will open doors or start the car without physically interacting with the user. A fob is usually made out of plastic and will have buttons.

    Thanks to advancements in technology, our knowledge and ten plus years experience, Legit Locksmith can take old key fobs and give them a second life without messing with the case, keys and button pads. We can guarantee the quality of our work as well as the fact that the fob will be compatible with your vehicle. We can even do this with slightly older keys. By choosing legit locksmith for your key fob services and transponder keys service, you are not only getting competitive prices but a high quality of service from experienced workers in their trade.

    We Can Fix Your Broken Key Fob: Depending on your situation a complete key fob or partial key fob replacement may be required. If you only damage your key fob’s case and don’t damage the electronics within it, replacing the fob will most likely be easier and thus cheaper. Cutting a new key because you broke the standard mechanical key in your fob should not normally be expensive. Additionally you should be able to continue using your existing key fob along with your new key. If the electronics of a key fob are damaged due to water, wear and tear or other serious reasons, a complete key fob replacement will most likely be necessary. This process is will most likely be more expensive than a partial key fob replacement however, as we offer reliable and affordable locksmith services you can trust that we will help you save money wherever possible.

    Key Fob Replacement Services From a Top Notch Locksmith company serving Boston and it’s surround Areas: Replacing a missing key fob is usually relatively simple if you have a common car model as, replacement keys are usually already available in stock. This should be true for any reputable locksmith company, which we are. A full replacement however will usually be one of the most expensive options as electronic keys house a standard physical key, this means to make the fob replacement you will not only have to get your physical keys cut but, get it’s electronics programmed to match up to your locks. Cost will then depend on whether you are dealing with a standard or smart key. Regardless of your particular circumstances we can definitely be of assistance.

    Key Fob Programming: Older keyless remotes can be programmed by yourself with step by step instructions Legit Locksmith can provide you with. For more modern smart keys however, programming the key or keyless remotes will not be possible as it will require specialized equipment to complete the programming process. This type of programming can only be done by an automotive locksmith. This is why we recommend you contact a reputable locksmith service in case you need to program a replacement fob key that cannot be self programmed. It will save you time and money. Legit Locksmith can program your key in minutes saving you time and money. Furthermore, our experience guarantees our quality of work.

    Key Fob Battery Replacement: At times we forget that the key fobs we use use batteries and those batteries can at some point in time come to die. If your keys stop responding a good locksmith service should tackle the problem by process of elimination. They should first take a look at your battery and replace it to ensure that is not the problem causing your key not to respond (because if it is, it’s a simple fix). Legit Locksmith tackles problems through process of elimination as it prevents you from paying unnecessary and excessive reparation bills for nothing


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