Panic Bar

    Panic Bar

    A panic bar, sometimes referred to as crash bar, is used to quickly unlock a door during an emergency situation. They are designed for life safety compliance. Panic bars ensure the security of commercial buildings and serve to impede the access of intruders as they can be equipped with an alarm system to provide advanced protection. Commercial high security systems are a secure and convenient way to exit a commercial building during a situation of emergency, like a fire for example.

    Panic bars are specifically designed to reduce occurrences of injuries during evacuations and can be used as a reliable option for retreat. They are located on the inside doors and simply latch open. They are devised to automatically open when the weight of individuals exerted on the door is sufficient. This prevents unnecessary injuries and collisions from happening during emergency situations while people are exiting from the safest exit. Panic bars allow large crowds to exit safely.

    We can provide you with a variety of panic bar set ups from vertical rods to mortise to rim panic bars. Our ten plus years of experience in the industry enables us to know how to work within your budget and recommend the safest and most secure panic bar option(s) to install that will fit your commercial building’s needs. It’s essential that you have a panic bar as they are necessary to provide further security, facilitate a safe exit during an emergency and can serve as a secondary exit for your commercial building.

    Legit Locksmith’s technicians can provide you with a sustainable and reliable panic bar in a timely manner, along with fine tuning it to your specific needs.

    Rim Panic Bars: A rim panic bar ward off intruders and thieves from gaining access to the building. Essentially it provides another layer of security. Rim panic bars are mostly installed on single doors or pairs of vertical doors along with removable or fixed mullions. A mullion is a slender vertical member which forms a divide between units of a window, door, or screens (they can also be used decoratively). Rim panic bars are installed with a dead latch preventing forceful entry of the door from outside.

    Exterior trim, non locking passage function, alarms and a rim cylinder, among other features ensure the safety and protection of people in cases of emergency. These are all very popular common additional features we can also set up for you depending on your needs as these panic bars can be installed to already existing single doors. Our locksmith technicians are highly trained and experienced and thus can advise you on the best rim and panic bar installation to fit your needs and requirements as well as door type. Let us help you by taking the first step and contacting us.

    Mortise Panic Bars: Mortise panic bars can be installed on both the exterior and interior of doors. They can typically be seen on doors of hospitals, schools, retail stores, colleges along with most other types of commercial buildings you can think of. Not only do they ensure a simple and safe exit during situations of emergency but they also have the ability to provide access to only authorized users.

    They can be installed on single doors or alternatively on active leaf pair doors. Doors made up of any material can be equipped with this system as long as the vertical pieces in the frame of the paneled door (or stiles) are compatible with the mortise panic bars.

    Thanks to our experience and our locksmith technicians capacity we can guarantee you will be pleased with the quality and speed of our work. We propose affordable prices in order to be of service to all customers.

    Vertical Rod Panic Bars: If you would like a safe and reliable exit from your commercial building during an emergency we recommend getting a vertical rod panic bar installed. They can be placed at the top or bottom of a doorframe on single or double doors. They enable you to have another layer of protection that’s to the latching point. Additionally, they can be used along with other panic bar devices on exit door and are adapted to both a left hand and a right hand swing, are reversible and have a countered crossbar. Lastly they can serve to boost the value of your property, particularly the concealed versions of vertical rod panic bars. With the years of experience we have behind us you can confidently trust us to properly install your vertical rod panic bar and ensure it functions properly during emergency situations.


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