High security locks

    High security locks

    Installing high security systems will be in your benefit for the long term as they will help limit theft and break ins. These systems are designed to prevent lock picking and drilling the lockout of its housing among other things. Having the proper security structure in place will avoid you from experiencing crippling financial costs in the unfortunate event of theft.

    High security does not necessarily have to equate improving your security setup. The advantage of having a high security system is that it gives you the ability to customize it to fit your needs. This aspect is even more of an advantage if your establishment is spread across several locations as you can modify each system to fit the requirements of each environment.

    Mult-T / Mul-T-Lock Locks: Mult-T lock is lock manufacturer subsidiary of the company AssA Abloy. This company develops and markets high security locks and access control systems globally. You can rely on the security these locks provide and you can rely on Legit Locksmith to effortlessly install them for you. These types of locks are not only easier to install but they tend to be more cost effective as well. Choosing these types of lock guarantee you a high quality product and we can guarantee you a high quality service. Whether you want to maintain, repair or change your locks, our locksmith technicians can help

    Medeco Locks: Medeco is also a subsidiary of the company Assa Abloy. As previously mentioned they develop world leading high security locks and access control systems globally. In contrast to the Mult-T locks, the Medeco locks feature locks pins that have a chisel tip that can only be rotated by the keys with the corresponding angled cuts. This mechanism serves to increase the difficulty of key reproduction. Furthermore, a slot along the length of the pin will cause the sidebar to drop once the pin has been rotated to its correct orientation. Additionally, the off-center chisel tip lets two different offsets to the pin. This means the number of possible unique combinations is over two million when you use a lock pin with six pins, six heights , three rotational positions and two pintip angles. If these are features that interest you then you should definitely consider procuring this type of lock. Our locksmith technicians are perfectly trained to install this type of lock and can assist you in all your needs, call us now you will not be disappointed.

    Rekeyable locks: Rekeyable locks allow you to quickly reset your locks. It’s only a matter of time until you will need to replace keys When dealing with security door lock systems installing a new lock is usually expensive, a good alternative to this are rekeyable bolts. Rekeyable bolts will allow you to simply and in a timely manner reset your lock if you misplace or lose your keys rendering all old keys useless.

    Moreover, most high security locks use high security cylinders to reinforce the security of the rekeyable system. The locks are usually versatile and can be applied to most building. They allow you to reset latches without damaging the safety of the whole system..

    Serialized Keys: Having a high security lock also enables you to track any serialized keys linked to it. High security locks permit cloud based software to be utilized in order to interact with your key(s) and allow administrators to track all keys. Selected members (administrators) thus have the capability to quickly identify and locate each key holder. Having a serialized key in your possession also makes key duplication inconceivable for criminals.

    High security door lock systems: All features of high security door locks systems are designed to work together to promote the security of your business’s or home’s physical premises. Additionally, dedicated programs are often offered to help members of an organization to act in ways that will also promote security, in order to compliment the security systems that are already in place. These programs aim to educate, train and support you to maintain an effective security system. Having your security systems and staff both working collectively will help you reduce even further the risks of a security breach within your facility

    If you need to have better security for an affordable price, a high security door lock system would be a good choice. As mentioned above, there are many benefits to installing such a system including low maintenance costs, enhanced security and convenience. Contact us to find the system that best fits your needs!


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