Emergency Lockout

    Emergency Lockout

    Legit locksmith technicians are trained to help you in any way necessary, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out. We believe our quality of work is what compels customers to come back and use the same or different service(s). That is why we focus on letting our work speak for itself as we know happy customers will not only return but advertise the company through work of mouth. Regardless of what you need are, a key made or a key to fit all your locks. You can trust our locksmiths to ensure the safety of your building.

    Burglary repairs: Legit locksmith can support you by giving you knowledge and advice on how to effectively minimize the chances of burglary or trespassing which is concern every commercial building has to manage. It’s important to note that simply equipping your building with alarm systems will not be enough, physical threat to break into the building still remains. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to have added security. This can be done by adding deadlocks and/or security chains on doors to compliment burglar alarms and security lights that should already be in place. In addition to these measures we can further upgrade your security by setting up garage and window locks as well as having domestic roller shutter and/or grilles on your windows and doors.

    Home Emergency Lockout: We are open around the clock (24h) seen days a week which means we are perfectly suited to be of assistance to you in a time of emergency. We offer a home emergency lockout service for both residential and commercial properties.

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where your key ends up stuck in your door lock, it’s best you immediately call for professional help. If you use too much strength or attempt to remove the key the wrong way, it could break inside the lock cylinder. The result will be felt in the sum of your bill.

    We ordinarily aim to gain entry to your property without changing your locks, this usually diminishes the toll of your bill. Doing this will also means you will be able to keep using the same key (thus further reducing expenses). Thanks to our years of experience, and our expertise in the area, we can be of assistance regardless of how old or new your lock model or door is. Furthermore if you lose your key to a restricted lock we can take care of replacing it or ordering a new key for you. Contact us and allow us to help you.

    Faulty Locks: Faulty locks always arise out of the blue which is why they are particularly arduous to prevent. They can happen for an array of reasons such as loose screws or bolts, warping due to weather along with many other reasons. Before we consider fully replacing your lock(s) we will proceed by process of elimination and look into all other possible prospects. We believe this method is more cost effective for you the client, and our goal at Legit Locksmith is to always ensure customer satisfaction. Whether your lock will require replacement or repair will depend on the circumstances and conditions of the lock(s). Several things are factored into the cost, the credibility of the bolts, the extent of damage, and the cost of the repair parts that need to be replaced. Legit Locksmith can open, repair or replace damaged locks, contact us for assistance today!

    Contact Us: Legit Locksmith will give you recommendations that will comply with your home insurance policy. If you call us ahead of time we can have an exact understanding of the problem you are experiencing and have an exact understanding before we arrive on the field and thus resolve things in a timely manner. Furthermore, we can provide you with an accurate quote for the services you may need over the phone. We offer free estimate for both residential and business vehicle lockouts

    Lock Installation: Legit locksmith technicians are trained to work with the latest technologies and have at their disposal the most up to date tools. We offer an array of services such as lock rekeying, master key systems, door lock repairs, changing combinations on keyless locks and door closer replacement. Moreover, we even set up smart locks if that is what you desire to add more functions to your locks. You can trust us to competently repair your locks.


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