Car lockout

    Car lockout

    Have you ever run into a situation where you locked your keys in you car or perhaps your car trunk? If this type of situation arises you will most likely not be able to resolve it on your own without damaging your vehicle and will need to call for assistance. This is even more true if you have items in the car that can spoil such as groceries or, if something important is locked in the car like a pet, or a child. Legit Locksmith can quickly and effectively respond to your call and come to your help, in order to give you access to your car in a timely manner through our emergency car lockout service.

    Depending on the circumstances Legit Locksmith has the ability to get you a key within a couple of minutes without having to involve you car dealership in the process. In certain cases removing the car door cylinder will be the only solution, if that is the case for you, we can replace it as well.

    We advise all our clientele to take preventive measures in order to stop car lockout situations from happening so that you only receive professional help when absolutely required. This will save you money in the long run.

    Emergency Car Lockout: Usually locksmiths can get into your more easily and for a less expensive price than you car dealership can. If you locked your keys in your trunk, left them in the ignition, need a key replacement or transponder key programming we can help! We can duplicate car keys, pop locks, cut keys, replace you car door cylinder and do anything else required to get access to your car. We are available at any time, during any day regardless of holidays and weekends to come to your assistance. Simply put we can help you with any of your needs and are certainly among the best if not, the best locksmith service available in Boston and surrounding areas.

    Programming Your new Set of Keys: If after experiencing a car lockout situation you decide to get a new set of keys, you will need to get these programmed. This will ensure your new keys match the existing program on your door lock and ignition system. With our modern equipment and experience we can quickly and accurately program a blank key for you.

    Replacing Your Car Door Cylinder: As mentioned at the top of the page, sometimes removing the car door cylinder is the only option available. In such cases we extract the door lock cylinder as carefully and safely as possible in order to prevent any damage to your vehicle. Then, we replace the lock cylinder with a programmed copy that mirrors the other locks. Using this process will save you the money you would have spent on cutting another set of keys. Use Legit Locksmith for affordable and around the clock car door cylinder replacement services.

    Finally, if you’ve locked yourself out of your car you may decide you need a set of replacement or duplicate keys to avoid running into this type of situation again. Legit Locksmith offers car key replacement services. For more information on those services checkout our car key replacement page.


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