Deadbolt Service

    Deadbolt Service

    A deadbolt is a locking mechanism that can only be moved to an open position by rotating the key. In short it’s a lock bolt that is moved by turning a knob or key without the action of a spring. Most common spring bolt locks us a spring to hold the bolt in its position, this makes withdrawal by using strength on the bolt itself possible. A deadbolt makes a door more resistant to this. Because these doors are not spring activated they can’t be jimmied

    There are three main types of deadbolt locks, single cylinder deadbolts, double cylinder deadbolts and keyless cylinder deadbolts.

    Single cylinder Deadbolts are a simple deadbolt locks that can be opened on one side with the use of a key while there is a thumb piece on the interior side. These locks are typically used in doors that don’t have any breakable glass near the thumb piece turn since there is a chance the crook might break the glass turn the know and then enter

    Double cylinder deadbolts are deadbolt locks that can be opened by a key on both sides. They are usually used in situations where breakable glass is present near the knob. These would be the safest option for homeowners despite the fact that most prefer single cylinder deadbolt locks. It’s important to note however that double cylinder deadbolt locks can interfere with escape in certain emergency situations such as fires and so on.

    Lastly, keyless cylinder deadbolt locks are the most easy and convenient lock to use. They are opened with the use of a fingerprint scan or password and can be closed with a button or knob

    You should not compromise on the quality of the locks you use as the cheaper ones could be easier to picks and the bolts may be lacking in strength. Let Legit Locksmith help you in this process by contacting us now

    Benefits of deadbolt: There are several benefits to deadbolt locks. Firstly the unique locking mechanism they present ensures you the highest level of protection against forceful physical assaults. Standard locks can be unlocked with the use of crowbars among other tools, deadbolt locks are near to impossible to break with methods like this. Additionally deadbolt locks will require a significant amount of time to break into increasing the chances of the intruder to be caught or spotted if he does attempt to do anything.

    It’s crucial to have emergency exits that are simple to access and use without complications. Panic bars are better suited to install on door that hae this purpose as deadbolts will perhaps not be ideal. Deadbolts could get stuck which will be an inconvenience in a situation of emergency.


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