Master Key system


    Our master key system provides you with more security as well as practicality and convenience. The lock cylinder is in many ways what determines the level of security your lock will have. You can make your everyday life easier by using one key to access all your mainlocks without having to compromise the level of security of the building, our technicians can make sure the master key only unlocks specified locks.

    Legit Locksmith’s unique lock cylinder(s) within locks will ensure your security and safety at all times. Our technicians are well trained and have an abundance of experience in addition to the most up to date tools at their disposal. Our technicians use universal driver pin to assure convenience. Additionally, we offer both manual and electric lock.

    All locks are different and thus define who has the authority to access or not access different parts of the building within an establishment. To successfully ward off trespassers, a lock must have a complex authorization structure within it. We believe one of the best ways to do this is too design locks based on the number of current and future users depending on your staffing and can thus handle a lot of use.

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    Lock Change Service:
    Allow us to upgrade your current standard lock system to a master key system, specifically tailored for commercial buildings. Most of our locks utilize a central cylinder system and are very durable. Moreover, because of the advancements made by technology, central cylinder locks systems now have the capability of being a lot more complex and intricate than they use to be, this is why you can use one master key without compromising any feeling of security. When installing your lock we double check the critical holder can work with different locking system while only requiring one key. Furthermore, we can tailor our locks to your specific needs and security preferences. Lock upgrades or security enhancements will be easier if you get your locks installed by us as our locks have flexible designs simplifying the mentioned process. If you need a reliable,durable, high quality locks at affordable prices contact us.

    Key Extraction Services:
    If need be we can extract broken keys from any key lock system in a timely manner. Legit locksmith technicians have the experience and tools to simply resolve matters like this. When a key break in a lock, the situation usually escalates and becomes an emergency. Legit Locksmith has services specifically dedicated for these types of instances and, our locksmith technicians are perfectly suited to come to your help in situations like these during any day, and at any time.

    If your key ever breaks in your lock it’s advise you contact a reputable locksmith as they will not only have the appropriate tools to assist you in a timely manner but you risk worsening things if you attempt taking care of matters on your own and create unnecessary damage. To reduce the chances of your key jamming inside the lock again we clean the locks to dispose of built up dust and rust. We can also repair the bolts within the lock to stop you key from ever sticking again if that is a service you would like. Put your trust in Legit Locksmith to maintain your lock’s original condition.

    Key Cutting:
    We can cut you new keys as well as provide you with spare ones. Checking an individual’s background and authenticating their ownership of a lock is primordial, for safety purposes, before providing clients with a key cutting service.

    We want to provide you with the best service and thus use the highest quality materials for our products while offering competitive prices. Regardless of your budget we can provide you with a service of quality while ensuring your safety. We use the most up to date tools and can cut new keys precisely to ensure their reliability and durability.

    Lock Rekeying:
    Lock rekeying is generally more cost effective than replacing the bolts within the lock. Furthermore we can rekey your locks in such a way that you can have a safe and secure master key for all locks. This type of system can make carrying a set of keys more convenient as you will only need to carry one.

    There are several steps our locksmiths technicians take when rekeying your master lock. Primarily, they take out the tumbler from the lock which enables them to change the pinning of the clasp. Doing this guarantees anyone who had the previous key will no longer be able to unlock the door. We then provide you with a new key rendering any previous one along with any copies useless.

    To ensure you are provided with a proper service you should use a reputable and experienced locksmith. Leigt Locksmith is just that as we provide a high quality service at competitive prices to keep your mind at peace.


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