If you need the help of an experienced and professional
locksmith service in Boston, you are on the right track.

    How to choose the right locksmith company

    If you find yourself locked out of your apartment, vehicle or office without a key in your pocket, your door lock is completely broken or you just want to protect your house from illegal entries. You undoubtedly need an emergency locksmith service. How can you go about finding a reasonably priced locksmith company? This article offers you four life hacks to help you in making the right decision.

    1. Use reliable companies

    When you look for a locksmith service using Google search, it offers you a variety of locksmith services. Often at the top of the page you see locksmith companies which are paid advertising or so called Pay Per Click (PPC) companies – it is wiser not to use such locksmith companies. These companies use a special advertising model, in which an advertiser pays a publisher, for example, a search engine, if the ad is clicked, and a technician’s work. Usually such companies don’t have their own technicians as part of their staff, moreover they often don’t have a physical address, that’s why you won’t be able to complain as well as to leave a review in the case of unsatisfactory work.

    Your most reliable option when searching for a locksmith is to use Google maps and of real customers. Local businesses you see on Google maps are verified, that is, owners of those businesses (locksmith services) have verified their companies by mail and phone among other ways, and claimed that all information about their business is accurate and true.

    Furthermore : use other customers’ reviews, this way you can find out others’ opinions and impressions of the services and decide whether you should or not.

    2. Pay attention to details

    All of us sometimes forget about important details during phone calls or personal conversations – it doesn’t play into our hands. Imagine a situation where your door lock is broken, you then call a locksmith service to ask for help and the only things you tell the manager is where you are and what happened. What about the price and lock model? Some locksmith services intentionally try to finish a conversation without discussing a lock model and a price to get the opportunity to set their own after the work is done. In this case you will have to accept the locksmith’s price which can be several times higher than in other locksmith companies, simply because you didn’t discuss the details before. We advise you to always ask or discuss the price you are ready to pay for work done on your lock before making an appointment. This way you not only protect yourself but avoid inconvenient situations.

    Additionally, feel free to insist on the price you are ready to pay for services as well as bargain about it. A reliable and responsible locksmith will never leave you in trouble and will always help you even if you don’t have as much money as they want, we at least believe in this.

    3. Choose non-destructive ways

    When you have some serious troubles with locks, there are two ways out: to pick it or to drill it. Some locksmiths will offer you to drill your lock at once instead of attempting to open it. Remember, only inexperienced or unscrupulous technicians can afford to act this way.

    Keep in mind that drilling is a method that destroys a mechanism and requires it to be replaced. That’s why, drilling a lock is the last-resort way to open it and should only be used if other methods don’t work. You must verify that other ways of opening the door are not available and only then should drilling be considered. In addition, drilling has one more disadvantage – it’s a more costly process than, lock-picking for example because after drilling you will have to buy a new lockset and pay more for the installation.

    If drilling doesn’t suit you, lock-picking makes sense. It a very useful and non-destructive way to open a lock without using an original key, and without damaging the lock. In other words, it is manipulating the components of the lock with only a few tools.

    We hope you will never face problems with locks, but if you do, think twice before making deciding in favour of drilling, because it is possible to open even high security locking mechanism in less destructive ways.

    4. Save the contacts

    Despite the problems you faced with, and the result of work done by locksmiths we advise you to save contact information of locksmith service you dealt with. Saving contact information might be useful both for positive and negative experiences, and here’s why: firstly, because you should protect yourself in case of unsatisfactory work, that is, have an opportunity to complain about it and have a guarantee that mistake will be fixed.

    Secondly, in the case of a positive experience you can always recommend the locksmith service you dealt with to people who are in need of a responsible locksmith. Moreover, you can leave a review on the internet thereby helping people around your location to make the right choice.

    Lastly, if your experience is negative you can share it and protect other customers from making the same mistake when choosing a locksmith service. Believe us, people will be grateful for your help.